LDR 101 Risk Reflection

This is a reflection for my LDR 101 class. The prompt states the following: Over the weekend, go out and do something totally new for you. Type 1 page reflecting on the experience– what you did, why you did it, how you felt before, during, after? What did you learn? 1 September 2015 I didn’t do anything spectacular this weekend. In fact, it was quite ordinary. I did the things I usually do on weekends: sleep, eat, sleep some more, work on homework, teach at my masjid’s Sunday school. I simply did all the things I needed to do. However, …

26 October 2015: The Gibbous Moon

The first night in the semester when we actually got to set up the telescopes in Astronomy 120 lab. We looked at the moon, and I couldn’t get a better picture with my phone, but it was breathtakingly beautiful.