11/27/17 (eye)con continued

I’m back at it again. Well. I’d like to be. I have seen to hit a roadblock in my creative processes. I have many ideas on what I want to do and even more installation style works that could come from this series. But still I feel hesitant to start a new work. I have […]

11/15/17 critique

Today we continued critiques for our combination images. We looked at both of my images today. It was interesting to get another perspective of my work, from my classmates, as well as just seeing the work on a different screen. To better explain the processes of visual analysis to my classmates Nell had them describe […]

11/14/17 photoshop tools

In my refamiliarization of photoshop I remembered how much I enjoyed using the clone stamp tool. The textures that I can create using it can add a textual complexity that I would not be able to by my own hand. In this piece, I used it to layer images of eyes to add depth and […]

11/14/17 breakdown of combination

For the combination of images project (in this case I am referring to (eye)con: looking) I used an image of my roommate washing her face in her bathroom and eyes from a series of photographs I have taken of myself. Ideally this would have been a self portrait and the eyes taken from photographs of […]

(eye)con series

(eye)con: looking (eye)con: gazing diptych