Blog #9

    Over the last few weeks, I have come to appreciate my project in the tree dimensional more and more. As a whole this class has challenged me to create art within the parameters given to me, but also to think outside the box and to go beyond my comfort zone. I have appreciated…

12/1/17 voyeurism, again

In a stroke of genius (or arguably hubris) I decided to do not only this final project on voyeurism, but also the video final project for my film course. In that course my partner and I addressed the use of Voyeurism in National Socialist Cinema (aka Nazi Propaganda).   My work on the (eye)con series […]

Blog Post #7

My self evaluation of my self portrait would begin with overall success. I was very pleased with my ability  to create a cohesive that conveys an overall theme. I found my expression from my self portrait to be rather serene and peaceful, so I chose a a theme that reflected that. The ocean and life…

Blog Post #6

Here is some documentation from my mixed media portrait.    


The fall exhibition this year in the gallery was weatherwise/otherwise : artists react to climate change.    Another unique aspect of this duality is my part in running the gallery’s instagram account. Part of this role entails that I take photos of the art and the events held there. As I’ve progressed in this course I’ve […]