A Reflection

For our SUMMIT400 course we were asked to look back upon our time at Agnes Scott and reflect on three experiences that truly shaped our…

12/6/17 art 144 overview

This course was easily one of the things I was most excited for this semester. Going into the course I wasn’t exactly sure what we’d be doing, but I couldn’t wait to brush off my adobe suite skills and create something. When I think back to our first assignment I remember being anxious about jumping […]

12/6/17 critique & (eye)con series reflection

Today we had our critique for our final projects. We went through everyone’s work and discussed our reactions to it. I’d say that the general reaction to what i’ve been doing was good- I mean, people said they were uncomfortable which is kind of my goal, so i’ll definitely take it. I submitted a lot […]

12/5/17 (eye)con: watch it

For my final project for this course I have create a sub series of the (eye)con images entitled (eye)con: watch it. This series of six images is intended to cause discomfort within the viewer. Very much informed by the research I did for the video project regarding voyeurism in national socialist cinema (you can read that […]

Blog #11: On Campus Art Event

Earlier this year, I had the absolute luck of stumbling upon the opening for the Dalton Gallery’s fall show, weatherwise/otherwise. I ended up helping Leah Owenby and the other gallery assistants manage the visitors and put up our installation Not Your Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Climate Change and I had such a rich experience hearing…