I introduced Jane as my peer in the class. Jane described herself as Sudanese, open-minded, and Melanin. When I first interacted with her in the class, I immediately got an idea that she is very open-minded. I did not know what the Melanin means and she told me Melanin means the skin complexion. She also assured that most of the people

Portrait of a Peer

Jane My peer Jane is from Sudan and she describes herself as an open-minded person who is not scared to present the opinions that come to her mind. In addition, she also describes herself as Melanin, which means the skin complexion. She assured that most of the people who are from Sudan have black skin tone. Jane drew the map of Africa as

Metaphorical Me

          Jane                                                     My Partner Description         Sudanese: She is from Sudan Open-Minded: She is not scared to say what she feels about the particular situation. She is more straightforward Melanin: