Seeing in sequence

I choose to write about the photograph by Di Liu because it is really interesting photograph. The elements that make it interesting are scale, size, and texture. Di Liu added this huge bunny in the middle of the city and the bunny catches all the attention when you look at the picture. It causes you … Continue reading "Seeing in sequence"

My photoshopped pictures

My first photoshopped pictures. I got the idea of putting two pictures together and make it look like one picture, from the famous artist, John Stezaker. I have no knowledge about photoshop before taking an art 144 class. In fact, I had never used or even opened the photoshop software before. However, when I used … Continue reading "My photoshopped pictures"

Pam Longobardi, life and work presentations

I attended the event where Pam Longobardi did a presentation about her drifters project. Her main theme in this presentation is Anthropocene. She further talks about how the presence of human beings have now made a physical change to the surface of the earth to the extent that it will show in the fossil record. The cause, … Continue reading "Pam Longobardi, life and work presentations"

Investigating Investigations

After writing the paragraph on “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” we took the pictures of an architectural space and organic object in thirteen ways. I have never been a good photographer so, my pictures obviously came out very ugly. Nevertheless, I learned some really good techniques of taking and criticizing good pictures from my […]