0904 – Chakaia Booker

The art installation is constructed in a roughly square shape and employs the black rubber tires as materials. All sorts of the tires, bike tires, car tires, even rubber tubes, are heavily used by showing its torn texture. The piece is unified by its holistic black color, harmonic materials, and the well-contained square shape. But … Continue reading "0904 – Chakaia Booker"

Digital Artist Talk run through: Tuesday 31 November

Tuesday 31 November, 2017 For Today’s class I would say that I was a little distracted and unprepared, but I went on anyway. For one, it’s Halloween and I have fun plans and I could not  wait to get my day over with to start those plans! But anyway, Today everyone in class gave a...

Red hat Pink Hat: symbolic juxtaposition of form and meaning

YAY what a kickass belated bday surprise!! THANK YOU @thepurlingpineapple – you are the Beyoncé of knitting!!! #pussyhat #pussyhatproject #RESIST #knit A video posted by Betty Chu (@therealbettychu) on Feb 4, 2017 at 10:15am PST An explanation of the visual symbols at play. For this section I compare formal qualities of two hats…

Visual Analysis of Vik Muniz’ Ironing Woman (Isis)

This piece plays with scale. As the printed photo appears to be small scale, as though created with paint and a brush. Yet upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that this photo (and in turn this piece) was created on a very large scale. Regarding form, the image uses stark contrast to pull the subject … Continue reading Visual Analysis of Vik Muniz’ Ironing Woman (Isis)

Metaphorical Me

Visual Analysis : A textured green cylinder meets three dark green triangle. The apex  is slightly  off centered. The background …