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Joining the Black Ring Mafia

At the sophomore ring ceremony, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was getting into. I knew I was joining a decades-long community of onyx ring wearers, but I didn’t realize just how ubiquitous that community is, or how proud I would feel to be a part of it. Two weeks after the ceremony, I …

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How to Utilize Art Like the Spanish Masters

The Museo del Prado, one of the world’s largest collections of European art, is situated in the middle of Madrid, Spain, where I had the privilege of going for a week in the spring of 2018. I was awestruck by the sheer magnitude of the place, and the seemingly endless halls of art ranging from […]

National Parks

As a child, growing up in a National Park means that for much of my life, I was unaware of how truly singular such a place like Yosemite National Parks truly is. On our family vacations we went to other national parks, and who could remember the long drives in between the the eventual destination. …

Bridge to Business Marketing Project

As a final project for the Women’s Bridge to Business Program, I worked on a team to collaboratively design a strategic marketing plan for B2B. We were tasked with designed B2B Program’s strategy, marketing plan implementation of strategy, and a … Continued

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