Blog Post 7 Final Critique

 Dog World      My piece deals with my dog. I decided to do this because my dog is apart of my family this is my child. He loves posing for the camera and I love photography so it was a good idea to do this piece. I used oil pastel,paint,color pencils,paint markers and sharpie. I mod… Read More

Blog 6 Final Progress

The final project arrived quickly especially closing out my senior year. This project was a no brainer for me when it came to ideas. I love photography so I decided to use images taken by me of my dog. I explored different materials and artist. One artist that inspired me was Richard. He uses the… Read More

Blog 5 Critique on Mixed Media

This project took a lot of thinking for me. I had to step outside of my comfort zone which was unique. This piece expresses my soft but vibrant side once someone gets to know me. I used paint, tissue paper and newspaper. This actually turned out better than expected I thought it wasn’t going to… Read More

Blog 9 Art Visit

I went to visit the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center on a very busy day. They had just opened a new exhibit and I was very interest in the piece because as we all know glitter is very messy. The details of the turtle was fascinating especially the shading and smooth transitions of light to dark… Read More

Reflection 3

Lastly, taking Psychology of Women changed some of my opinions and behaviors. When I was a Psychology major I had heard a lot of great about Dr. Hughes’s Psychology of Women class and decided to take it for elective credit. I got much more than I expected out of the class. Writing about my personal …

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