Art 144 Reflection 3/31/16

For the first half hour of class, we weren’t given any specific assignments. I spent the time exploring Illustrator and some of the different tools available. Some I doubt I’d use in the future, but others are very useful. I looked at patterns, swatches, gradients, shapes, shape modifier tools, the pencil tool, the pen tools, … Continue reading Art 144 Reflection 3/31/16

Art 144 Reflection 1/14/16

On our second day of Art 144 we reorganized this WordPress blog so that there’s a page for the class. All posts about this class will be categorized under Art 144 and will automatically show up on that page. The process of setting up a page this way was new to me, and I am … Continue reading Art 144 Reflection 1/14/16

This is a test for ART 144

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