Double Time

In retrospect, I should have known before I ever began working a full-time job and going to school full time that it would be a difficult experience. Still, I somehow never imagined the emot...

Reflection: Matrix of Domination

    In our world, which is stratified so deeply by race, class, and gender, life experiences can vary widely based on one’s social location. Some experience a stable social location, for instance a cis-person who adheres to gender stereotypes will consistently be read as and treated as their assigned gender. Similarly a white person … Continue reading Reflection: Matrix of Domination

What Broadway Has Given Me

As a kid, I used to sketch. My hands were those of an artist: always peppered with stray ink splotches, heavily calloused, skin peeling. I was most at home with a pencil tucked behind my ear, a pen in my hand. I was dreamily inattentive, […]

Major Learning Outcomes

Math Major Demonstrate an understanding of the abstract nature of theoretical mathematics by working with abstract concepts and constructing proofs.Exhibit proficiency in the computational techniques of calculus and linear algebraDemonstrate skills in problem analysis and problem-solving, both individually and collaboratively.Use mathematics as a tool for solving real-world problems.Demonstrate the ability to use technology wisely, adapt…
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Skills & Strengths

Interdisciplinary & Antidisciplinary As a senior student majoring in psychology and mathematics in Agnes Scott College and a human factor researcher at Georgia Institute of Technology, I am interested in studio arts and enjoy solving problem through different perspectives.                 Quantitative/ Qualitative research Over my past three-year experience as…
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