Resolutions and Gradual Changes

As my roommate Avery and I returned to Agnes for our  second semester ever of college, our conversation took a natural turn towards resolutions. Though neither of us felt particularly strongly about the new year, Avery soon brought up the idea of resolutions for the coming academic semester. I do not remember her list, but […]

A Semester Abroad: On My Toes

I traveled far for college. Like 27 hours by car, 4 hours by plane far. After high school graduation, my mom and I packed bags to the brim and traveled from Arizona to Georgia. I knew nobody and nothing. It was scary, but I was ready. I was ready to be on my own and […]

Team Global Challenge: Lemons in Disguise

In the spring of my sophomore year at Agnes Scott, I found myself faced with a decision. Spring break was fast approaching and with it came the premiere of Team Global Challenge. The challenge, an aspect of Agnes Scott’s Summit curriculum and a requisite for my specialization in Global Learning, would start its bumpy inaugural run […]

Headed in the Right Direction

Currently, I am interning with the Atlanta Board of Education, working with the Policy Review Committee to develop a new ethics policy for the board. I am working with a board member to do school ethics research which will be used to write a new policy. I am learning a ton about the process of […]

The Willow School: Boogers, Diapers, and Little Munchkins

During my junior year, I interned at The Willow School, a preschool in Decatur, Georgia. This preschool is a small organization which operates under the Reggio Emilia framework of learning, a framework which emphasizes student directed learning and student autonomy. In my position, I was able to shadow preschool teachers working with students between the […]