Journeys: Panama

For my summit trip, I was a part of the small group that went to Panama. Our focus was citizenship. This focus led us to learn about districts in Panama where the American Military and other U.S. Citizens stayed during the construction of the Canal. We also learned about citizenship through the lens of colonization … Continue reading "Journeys: Panama"

Summer Internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgia

Over summer break, I was given the opportunity to complete an internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgia, as a part of the Collections department. During my internship, I worked with Ms. Stacey Savatsky, the head of the Collections department. Under her supervision, I did research on the artists MOCA GA exhibits, helped …

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Exhibition Processes

As one of my classes for spring of 2018, I participated in Exhibition Processes. During this class, my classmates and I worked in Dalton Gallery to learn about designing and installing exhibitions. We worked all but one of the shows for the spring semester, hanging art and cleaning the Dalton Gallery. Most importantly, as our …

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Study Abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland

During my fall semester of my junior year, I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Northern Ireland through the Irish American Scholars Program. During this time, I lived in Belfast and attended Queens University, Belfast. I took two archaeology courses and one anthropology course, focusing on the study of ancient cultures. During my …

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Resolutions and Gradual Changes

As my roommate Avery and I returned to Agnes for our  second semester ever of college, our conversation took a natural turn towards resolutions. Though neither of us felt particularly strongly about the new year, Avery soon brought up the idea of resolutions for the coming academic semester. I do not remember her list, but […]