The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Changez as the Modern Jannissary

Changez is a complex character, whose particular idiosyncrasies make him contradictory at points within The Reluctant Fundamentalist. For example, he proclaims love for America, but then confesses he felt joy at the fall of the Twin Towers. It is a strange thing to find such stark disparities in one person. But this is all characteristic...

Summit Learning Objectives Key

This key is intended for members of the SUMMIT 400 program, to help them navigate the learning objectives tagged on my website.  For each complete learning objective, please see the associated tag that goes with it.  Identify, explain, and analyze global themes, processes and systems – global themesDemonstrate knowledge and skills essential for global engagement – global engagementRecognize, analyze and…



Kathlyn Latham 2605 Brookwest Lane, Marietta, GA 30064, 678-761-0816 EDUCATION Agnes Scott College    Decatur, GA Bachelors in Linguistics Expected May 2019 GPA: 3.6 Honors: Recipient of the Agnes Scott Honor Scholarship, the Georgia Grant, Georgia Hope Scholarship, ASC Scholarship Global Awareness Program Decatur, GA & Managua and Grenada, Nicaragua Participated in a year-long leadership...

Black Cat

Black Cat has always been important to me, even since first year. It is a week meant to take the place of a homecoming week, since our school does not rally around our sports team in the way that some other schools do. But I believe Black Cat is so much more special than any … Continue reading "Black Cat"

Global Village Project

Completing physical labor for the Global Village Project was my first college experience with community service. It was the annual Splash into Service event my first year. I had spent the summer working at a camp where occasionally similar outdoor labor was expected, but I was in Georgia for the first time and was not … Continue reading "Global Village Project"