Week 1 Personal Identity Mapping

Week 1 (1/21/16): This week my GBL NYC Art class went over small details for our trip, got to know one another in groups, made personal identity maps, and discussed “The Mindful Traveler”. One interesting thing that I confirmed about myself through identity mapping is that I am very passionate about the people around me. … Continue reading "Week 1 Personal Identity Mapping"

LDR Reflection

My LDR class, What to Do about Disagreement, has been, without a doubt, one of the biggest pains in my ass. Ever. Okay, that’s something of a lie. It’s a pain in my ass in the same way that the love of your life can get under your skin like no one else in the… Read More

LDR – Why We Disagree – end of semester

In my freshman leadership class ‘What to do about Disagreement’ I have learned that disagreement does not have to be hostile and that it is okay to disagree as a team. Arguments, at least in the philosophical sense, are not violent or hostile. Learning how to form a strong argument has taught me how to […]

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LDR – Why We Disagree Summary

©2015 The Genetic Literacy Project My LDR class forces you to think inquisitively and critically. It is filled with deeply thought-out discussions, friendly disagreement, and group building. This class allows you to form valid arguments about possibly controversial topics. “Why We Disagree” also allows you to form well-thought-out opinions.