“Psychology is so much fun and this is…”

I came into Agnes with a plan I was going to major in psychology and parlay that major into law school. My teachers had told me, and experience had proved that I was both an eloquent speaker and an expressive writer, similar to the philosophy and psychology course objectives of distinguishing the validity of arguments […]

Volunteer Work

While serving as a volunteer at Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute I was assigned to hospitality tasks in the Radiology Department waiting room. Most of the time I was watching Property Brothers with the patients and keeping the coffee fresh. Surprisingly almost all of the patients would come in with more than two other people who’d … Continue reading Volunteer Work

Reflection: Journeys in New York City

Credit: “New York City” by Aurelien Guichard is cited under CC BY-SA 2.0 Despite many believing that going to New York City would not be a trip fitting of the “global” theme of Summit, I found our trip to be the exact opposite. With an academic focus on immigrant groups Continue Reading

Reflection: Team Global Challenge

The premise for the Team Global Challenge Competition I participated in sophomore year was that students work and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to formulate innovative local solutions for the real problem of sustainable food production and waste management on our campus. I am proud to say our team won the Continue Reading

Nerd Prom

I am the Vice President of RPG (roleplaying games) club. Every Spring semester, I oversee Nerd Prom. To do so, I have to gather volunteers for the various committees to make Nerd Prom a success. I also have to make sure they do their jobs and get done what needs to be done in a […]