Sum400 Reflection #1

My first year as a Resident Assistant here at Agnes Scott was somewhat of a roller coaster ride. My time as part of a team comprised of two RAs living (and working) on the third floor of a first year residence hall, supervising and advising […]

Sum400 Reflection #2

Spring semester of my Junior year at Agnes Scott was, for lack of better words, a time. Balancing my obligations as a student, a Senior Resident Assistant, a nanny, and for the first time, an intern, proved to be quite the challenge. Both in order […]

Jamaica’s Biggest Commodity

  One of Jamaica’s main export commodities is its sugar cane and we saw fields of it everywhere. We even got a chance to chop the sugar cane ourselves. Jamaica has a very rich and interesting history. Included in that history is the Chinese immigrants brought over as indentured servants around the 19th century. Throughout […]

Music of Jamaica

I loved this whole trip but what made it even more special was the music. There were plenty of times where the people of Jamaica performed for us and we got the opportunity to join in. I would say music is a big part of Jamaica. I have memories of our host, Mr. Brown, breaking […]

Jamaica Trip

My time at Agnes has been full of many great experiences that have helped develop me into the person I am today. One of those great experiences was taking my study abroad trip to Jamaica my freshman year. Usually when people visit other countries they don’t get a good sense of how the people there […]