Summit Learning Outcomes

Communicate effectively through writing and speaking, especially across cultural or linguistic differences Recognize, analyze, and evaluate arguments recognize, analyze, and employ effective teamwork Identify and assess one’s values, interests and abilities Interpret quantitative information or demonstrate the methods of inquiry appropriate for investigating the natural world. Analyze human behavior or social relations. A great example …

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SUMMIT Learning Outcomes

These are 6 SUMMIT learning outcomes associated with the “Color-based Independence: Going to Martinique” reflection Demonstrate knowledge and skills essential for global engagementCritically examine the relationship between dominant and marginalized cultures, subcultures or groupRecognize, analyze and evaluate argumentsRecognize, analyze, and employ effective teamworkIdentify and assess one’s values, interests, and abilitiesAnalyze human behavior or social relations … Continue reading "SUMMIT Learning Outcomes"

The Research Team

In the Fall of 2017, when I was first starting to realize I wasn’t actually interested in going to medical school to become a psychiatrist, but was more interested in clinical psychology program, faculty in the department helping me to plan my path told me I should get some research experience if I wanted to

Major Learning Outcomes for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Listed are 2 learning outcomes for my major highlighted the associated reflection: “People, Germs, & Lots of Hand Sanitizer” critically analyze the primary literature in the field and communicate scientific information clearly and persuasively;apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to the disciplines of and issues relating to biochemistry and molecular biology. Summary:  During my … Continue reading "Major Learning Outcomes for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology"

I Went to Toronto

My first year Journeys trip went to Toronto, I say disparagingly to first years traveling across the world on their trips, Paris, Morocco, Central Europe, and especially Northern Ireland. They didn’t want to get too ambitious with their first attempt at Summit, so they kept us all close, and in the same time zone, but