SUM 400: Writers’ Fest Reflection

Enrolling in the Writers’ Festival Practicum class was one of the best decisions I ever made. For a week every spring, the Writers’ Festival takes over Agnes Scott, bringing in guest authors, hosting readings, and releasing the annual Writers’ Festival magazine, which houses the finalists of the corresponding college-level writing contest. Going into the class, […]

SUM 400: Illustrated Page Reflection

In the spring of 2014, I created The Illustrated Page. While The Illustrated Page started as a mix of both an art blog and a book blog, it quickly became solely a book blog. I created it with college applications in mind, but I’m now in my senior year and The Illustrated Page is still […]

My Atlanta History Center Journey

My Atlanta History Center Journey The first time I went to the Atlanta History Center, I was amazed. I walked through the glass doors with my partner and told him, “I am going to work here some day.” I could not believe there was an innovative museums in Atlanta that had a large, diverse collection. …

SUM 400: Reflections

If I were to think about my top three most impactful experiences at Agnes Scott, it would be this three: Study Abroad– For an academic year (2017-18), I studied art history in Bern, Switzerland. I met people from all around.....

SUM 400: Reflection Essay

If you’ve ever worked a publishing job, you’ve probably experienced the slush pile. It’s never-ending, a deluge of unsolicited manuscripts sent to every magazine and book publisher in existence. It’s no secret that a lot of it is completely horrible, but I hadn’t realized how much of it there was. Like Sisyphus pushing the boulder … Continue reading SUM 400: Reflection Essay