History Major Learning Outcomes

1. seek, find, evaluate and utilize primary sources and secondary historical literature; develop and articulate persuasive arguments based in historical evidence both orally and in written work Primary sources are sources that are directly from the source. For example, if one was researching lives of the workers at a meat factories in Chicago of the …

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SUMMIT Learning Outcomes

The numbers in front of the learning outcome shows where it was listed on the full list of 11 outcomes. 2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills essential for global engagement Agnes Scott has allowed me to take a educational trip both the New York City and several cities in Japan. I have been able to learn …

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Summit Learning Objectives

SUMMIT Curricular SLOs Identify, explain, and analyze global themes, processes and systems Demonstrate knowledge and skills essential for global engagement Critically examine the relationship between dominant and marginalized cultures, subcultures or group Communicate effectively through writing and speaking, especially across cultural or linguistic differences Recognize, analyze and evaluate arguments Articulate…


Knowledge of The College Traveler

During my time at Agnes Scott, I have participated in two study abroad programs. The first trip was to the Dominican Republic (DR), through Agnes’s SUMMIT program, and lasted for 1 week. In the Dominican Republic, I studied the effects of traveling abroad in context of the country. I helped to inform the community of […]

Relationships and Networks

In my life, I have built lots of relationships and connections. I am most proud of my small, close knit groups. These groups have become my family. We support each other not only socially, but academically as well. We study together, we celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and we make sure that everyone in the group […]