invest in the identity formation of “I am a technologist”

Encourage the students who are learning the technology that they ARE technologists. Do this from the start. As first years come in and learn wordpress, word, presentation software, discipline specific software etc, that they are the ones in charge. Invest in self-confidence. There isn’t someone else who “knows all” but consdier crowd sourcing as a […]

Trees as Teachers

At info desk in Alston: lend out earphone walking tours like in a museum of the arboretum on campus. Lend hammocks. Create an interactive paper piece that talks about how to see on the walk (framing views, drawing contour, drawing for information). Partner with philosophy, art, history, english etc. to enrich these pieces. Make it […]

QR codes on all art labels and an Art Tour

Create an audio tour of the art on campus. Have students research, write and orate a visual analysis of the works on campus. QR codes can navigate to a student telling yoiu about the work, and we can create an overall tour of the art on campus. (in the library, alston, Rebeka etc.). Compatible paper […]