“Up the Mountain, Up a Tree

  The Journey’s experience was a program for my entire freshman class, it was our experience. My group was sent to Trinidad, and that was our destination. But I’d like to think that so many moments there were personal and perfectly tailored for me. One of the group excursions was a hike up a mountain … Continue reading "“Up the Mountain, Up a Tree"

“Never Again”

  At the end of each academic year, I get ready to start a new session of “Summer Bridge”. It’s a summer camp program hosted by the city township. I intern with the township every summer alongside other interns and volunteers around my age group. A large group of us went to high school together, … Continue reading "“Never Again”"

Curiosity is Vital

I am the one person in my immediate family that has decided to step off of the STEM path and pursue something in the liberal arts. In some ways, it... [Continue Reading]