Serial E.2 – The Golden Chicken

Episode 2: The Golden Chicken WikiLeaks, according to their site is a “multi-national media organization and associated library”.  It publishes censored and restricted documents for public access.  While certainly there is a great deal of information that could be dangerous to have published I do believe that there are certain people or groups that don’t …

Serial: Episode 1 Response

Aliyah Bryan Prof. Morris Blog Response Sept 8th, 2016 I think it’s important to start off my response with the fact that I had no knowledge of the Bo Bergdahl situation prior to listening to this podcast. It’s amazing how you can think that you’re well aware of what’s going on in the world when in reality, […]

Serial E.1 – DUSTWUN

Episode 1: DUSTWUN My sense of the OP Mest is that it was a horrible place to have to stand guard over.  Soldiers that didn’t even have to man the OP considered it incredibly bleak.  Besides the fact that it was near a cemetery, dusty, barren, and contained a waste pit that burned constantly, OP …

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