Serial E.4 – The Captors

Episode 4: The Captors One of the biggest things that stood out to me in this episode was the relationship between the Haqqanis and the Pakistani military.  While to some extent I did know that the military was not doing all that they could have been to combat the Taliban I didn’t know that the …

Serial: Episode #4 Response

Aliyah Bryan Prof. Morris Serial Blog Response #4 September 29th, 2016   For the last few episodes, Sarah Koenig has tried to gather to details from several different sources in order to understand what Bergdahl’s time in captivity was like and why he decided to flee in the first place. In this episode, she airs an interview […]

Serial: Response 3

Aliyah Bryan Prof. Morris Serial Response #3 September 22nd, 2016   By the end of every episode of Serial that I listen to, I end up feeling one of three emotions; I either sympathize with Bo, side with army, or don’t know how  to feel at all. In my last response, I wrote about how I understood Bergdahl’s platoon […]

Serial E.3 – Escaping

Episode 3: Escaping   In terms of positioning, it is very interesting that everything seemed to happen within the same wide circle of space from the very start of the story to where we are now.  At no point does it seem like Bergdahl was anywhere but Paktika and Waziristan.  And both of these places …

Serial: Blog Response 2

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris Blog Response #2 September 14th, 2016   In this second episode, producer Sarah Koenig digs even deeper to what actually happened when Bo walked off of his post. She plays interviews of people who either participated in the kidnapping of Bergdahl or came in contact with him while he was kidnapped. All of the people who were […]