Serial E.7, E.8 – Hindsight Part 1 and 2

Episodes 7, 8: Hindsight Part 1 and 2 I think maybe a better way to state Bergdahl’s fitness isn’t whether he was fit for service in the army, but rather if the army was fit for him.  I believe what he said about his idealized versions of the army, of soldiering and being personally involved …

Serial Episode #6 Response

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris October 20th, 2016 Serial Response #5   Serial is a podcast that is split up by weekly episodes. It documents and investigates the story of Bo Bergdahl’s captivity with the Taliban. In every episode, Sarah Koenig, the executive producer, digs deeper into the case. Why did he do it? What was the retrieval process? What […]

Serial E.6 – 5 O’ Clock Shadow

Episode 06: 5 O’ Clock Shadow The majority of the sources have been primary.  There are a lot of interviews done by Sarah with people involved in what happened: first-person accounts of events.  Even the Bergdahl clips, though not an interview done by Sarah, is still a first-person audio source that is provided.  There are …

Serial: Episode 5 Response

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris Serial: Episode 5 Response October 11th, 2016   Episode 5, entitled “Meanwhile, in Tampa” was essentially an investigation of the process of retrieving a missing soldier. Honestly, there was so much run around about who to go to and how to even begin to find a hostage that by the end of […]

Serial E.5 – Meanwhile, in Tampa

Episode 5: Meanwhile, in Tampa My main view with all that I heard this episode is that everything is infinitely complicated.  It feels easy to say that from the perspective of the USA, American lives in unfriendly hostage scenarios ought to be first priority.  However, this episode showed that there are a lot of layers …