Illumination Sensation – Digital Processes Final Project

Warning: If flashing lights aren’t your thing please be cautious looking at this!!!               

Ballet on the Wire Video Edit

I played around with an old video clip here:  A couple of years ago my baby sister, (5 years younger than me) the top figure flying across the scene here, was given the amazing opportunity to be one of the... Continue Reading →

How to make color, light, line, and space interact? Digital Final project idea

  For my final in my digital art class, we were given three options. One was creating a self portrait drawing of my face, super up-close, super detailed; an intense charcoal drawing that we would document  through pictures over time... Continue Reading →

Letterform Talk!

Letterform talk!  So the latest installment for my digital portfolio class is playing around with design with the help of letterforms aka type/text. Also this was a chance for us to learn more about adobe  We did two project centered... Continue Reading →

Where I’m at

Hey everyone, I think it’s time for a check-in. 🙂  I’ve been bad about posting updates this semester about how my senior year is going. I was hoping to post at least once a week, but life started happening and... Continue Reading →