Realizing A Future Reality

The summer after my junior year, I had the opportunity to conduct research in the Peterson Lab as part of Washington University in St. Louis DBBS Summer Program. This experience was vastly different from my first REU in that it was at a larger institution, I did not have a set research project, and the […]

Experiencing Different Research Environments

  My initial ideas about a career as a research scientist were that it was a career defined by solitary moments in a laboratory. This image of research was most likely fueled by the media’s representation of scientists during my childhood as typically a white male chemist in a pristine lab coat working by themselves. ...

Weekly Reflection 7/22/16

The last full week of the program is done! I presented this week on peer review and publication as the last one to host a Wednesday ethics seminar. My slides, which can be seen here, give an overview of how peer review works as well as positive and negative aspects of peer review. On slide 7 there is a link to […]

Weekly Reflection 7/15/16

Only a week and a half left! Kayleigh and I have a draft of our final STEM scholars presentation up and running, but after presenting it to Dr. Bayless I think we will make some edits. First of all, we’ll more images to our slides. Our goal for this presentation is to create a basic intuition […]

Weekly Reflection 7/08/16

I was able this week to start putting my new programming knowledge to work! Dr. Bayless and I met with Matt Ruby, the Senior Network Analyst at Agnes Scott College, on Friday to discuss how I might approach the program. I gave him an overview of the function and how I would like the user interface to look. […]