Reflecting on B2B: Industry Knowledge in International Business, Marketing Basics, and Digital Marketing

Lately, I spend much of my time strategizing about what the next five years will hold for me in terms of professional success. The Women’s Bridge to Business Program has coincided with the beginning of my own professional career as … Continued

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Summit Leadership

My final meaningful experience at Agnes Scott College was being an orientation leader. My experience as a freshman was nothing less than amazing. After enjoying every event that was planned for me as a freshman I decided I wanted to make a difference f...

Puerto Rico

During the spring of my freshman year at Agnes Scott College, I was fortunate enough to travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico with several of my peers. I always considered traveling as a once in a lifetime opportunity. For example, when Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, the island suffered immensely. Puerto Rico was flooded, lost power and experience a loss of survival resources for several months. Even though this tragedy occurred after my trip, it provided me with knowledge about why certain parts of the world have trouble recovering from such disasters. Although Puerto Rico is considered a part of the United States, it was my first trip where I would have to learn the different cultural lifestyle and adjust my knowledge and own lifestyle to understand differences in perspective. My trip consisted of visiting several impoverished neighborhoods, learning about economics and politics and understanding the environmental [1]challenges the island is facing. Puerto Rico isn’t a state, but it is considered to be part of North America. Once we visited and held powerful conversations with people from the island; we found out the serious concerns for its’ future. Luckily most of us were currently studying Spanish and were able to communicate by writing or attempting to speak to the local’s in order to narrow the linguistic difference. Most of the islanders spoke English but were impressed and grateful we were trying our best to communicate. I almost felt guilty for visiting and not having any knowledge about the relationship between our dominant culture vs Puerto Rico’s marginalized population Puerto Rican’s can’t vote, or have U.S. citizenship but are labeled as U.S. territory. Speaking to the Islanders I learned about how their corrupt government affected almost every aspect of how they live. Puerto Rico is a beautiful island and a beautiful place to vacation. However, when I was visiting I realized the dangerous effect tourism can cause. My classmates and I knew that we had to gain rapport from the local people to help us engage globally with a culture we weren’t familiar with. I had researched the island immensely to get a sense of how the island generated income. Almost all of the income is from hotels/cruises and any money from tourist attractions on the island. Many peoples source of employment revolves around serving the tourists. For example, there are many cruises that visit and allow tourists to enjoy a short visit. But very few are aware that the island relies on tourism. During my trip, I learned about the endangerment of mangroves on the island because more tourist attraction is being built. My peers and I went on a boat ride where the water we were in was completely polluted, but the government refused to try and clean it. The impoverished neighborhoods had no local schools nearby and offered no educational opportunities for the children living in them. The most important takeaway from my trip to Puerto Rico was the lack of survival resources that many people have to face, not just in Puerto Rico. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without clean water or my educational background. The expectations that we hold just to live can’t be met if we aren’t informed about the lives people are living in other countries. My experience has made me think about the legacy I want to leave behind in life. My trip made me wish I had the resources to help Puerto Rico, but it helped me realize I have many steps to take before I can create a plan to help others. This visit is when I decided that I wanted to create a nonprofit one day to serve others. My idea for a nonprofit isn’t fully developed or even started but Puerto Rico did inspire me to make a difference.     Figure 1″ File: Flying into San Juan-Puerto Rico.jpg.” Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. 6 Jan 2018, 22:44 UTC. 16 Sep 2018, 15:02 [1] [2] [3]

Cross Country

Finding meaning behind my Agnes Scott experience has not been very difficult. I found and have taken on many leadership roles these past three years. One of my favorite extracurricular activities included being a member of the cross-country team. I hav...

Student Plans and Student Research: A Reflection

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on my portfolio, I’m a tour guide here at Agnes Scott, and I had a very weird experience while giving a tour the other day. My partner tour guide and I were standing in Bullock Science Center. This is the part of...