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Once Upon a Time When I was a Psychology Major

Lastly, taking Psychology of Women changed some of my opinions and behaviors. When I was a Psychology major I had heard a lot of great about Dr. Hughes’s Psychology of Women class and decided to take it for elective credit. I got much more than I expec…


Summit Learning Outcomes

Communicate effectively through writing and speaking, especially across cultural or linguistic differences Recognize, analyze, and evaluate arguments recognize, analyze, and employ effective teamwork Identify and assess one’s values, interests and abilities Interpret quantitative information or demonstrate the methods of inquiry appropriate for investigating the natural world. Analyze human behavior or social relations. A great example …

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Religion for the Agnostic

There’s something that must be said in the beginning: I am not religious. As I am a Religious Studies major, this tends to surprise people to hear. Just yesterday, while sitting quietly in Alston to finish yet another paper, I was approached by t…


Scotties With Nerves Presentation

When my research group and I presented our research from BIO 216 (Molecular Biology) at Scotties With Nerves in 2018, we demonstrated an exceptional ability to understand, explain, and present the nervous system. We used research methods commonly found in neuroscience research, like primary literature research,  gel electrophoresis, CRISPR, and scientific presentation to share our …

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Communication Difficulty

In order to fund my study abroad experience to Botswana, I was fortunate enough to receive the Gilman Scholarship. While applying for this scholarship I was required to write a personal statement as well as a proposal for a follow-up service project to be completed upon my return to the United States.  Typically, I am very confident …

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