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Senior Investiture

Senior Investiture is one of my favorite Agnes traditions. Mainly, it recognizes the students who are about to enter their senior year at Agnes Scott. Meaning, we are finally almost done and for some that can be scary but, for me. I am very excited to see where my future takes me. I know it […]


Ring Ceremony

Ring ceremony is a special rite of passage in every Agnes Scott student’s college life is the Sophomore Ring Ceremony. Family and friends share in the excitement as sophomores receive their Agnes Scott class rings.  The onyx rings are inscribed with the letters “ASC” and the sophomore’s class year. The rings are presented in beautiful wooden […]


Journey to Cuba

Prior to coming to Agnes, I had actually traveled a lot. However, those trips consisted of me laying in the sun or going around the resort or area doing “tourist” activities. When I did my journey trip freshman year, it made me realize that I love to travel and that I loved speaking Spanish. The […]


Sum400 Reflection #1

My first year as a Resident Assistant here at Agnes Scott was somewhat of a roller coaster ride. My time as part of a team comprised of two RAs living (and working) on the third floor of a first year residence hall, supervising and advising […]


Sum400 Reflection #2

Spring semester of my Junior year at Agnes Scott was, for lack of better words, a time. Balancing my obligations as a student, a Senior Resident Assistant, a nanny, and for the first time, an intern, proved to be quite the challenge. Both in order […]