04/18 NYC: Theory vs Reality

As humans, we tend to idealize many things. We idealize people, relationships and experiences, among many others. It is in our nature to paint a picture in our heads of how its supposed to be, and attribute it to an idea, place, or thing. Many times, a concept is better than the reality of the situation, … Continue reading 04/18 NYC: Theory vs Reality

Prompt 7: The Theory vs. The Reality

In the iconic song above about New York, New York is brought to life by both the juxtaposition of non-glamorous, realistic photos of New York and lyrics that paint the state as gritty but hope inspiring. This conceptualization of New York as a place where dreams can either be found or lived out has been a common notion for decades. Immigrants go there for the better life they’ve dreamed about while aspiring…

Reflection Log 7

New York City is a real city, but it is also a theory, a concept, an idea. Throughout time, the physical city has been transformed into one of an ideal. New York City is a real city: it is on a map, it has physical residence and buildings, it takes up space. It is real. […]

Week Seven

We like to imagine New York as a far off land of dreams and success, not so different from how immigrants thought of the New World. Reading about New York and seeing it are two very different experiences. Reading about New York as a theory is comparable to explaining the color blue to someone who … Continue reading Week Seven

April 5-7, 2016: New York City as an Idea and as a Reality

This week, our class focused on our experiences in New York City and how they pertained to the readings that we had done prior to our trip. After going over the basic outline for the rest of the semester, as well as due dates for our major projects and clarification of what they entail, we watched  a … Continue reading April 5-7, 2016: New York City as an Idea and as a Reality