Completed Table Project

I took on an ambitious task when I designed my companion table project. Sewing a skin for a table is a deceptively impossible task. After…

Logo Design

I am excited to announce that I’ve designed my first logo! This opportunity was a daunting task but one I was eager to take on.…

The Table

Our first project this semester in 3D Thinking is deceptively hard- creating a small table out of pine. For this project so far we have:…

Business Cards

As I begin to launch my foray into graphic design and start to think about my plans after graduation I realized I would need business cards. I wanted to design something unique that spoke to me and my “brand”.

Anna Carnes Digital Portfolio 2018-08-11 18:32:53

I was contacted by an Agnes alum who is running for a Georgia House of Representatives seat to design a few graphics for her campaign and advertising. This was an interesting challenge, as most campaign graphics are minimalist and straight to the point, and as the designing process goes- simple is the most difficult. To […]