Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Although I’ve noticed the stark difference between the two programs (Photoshop and illustrator) all throughout the course, I feel that it is especially noticeable when working on my final/animation… Due to the fact that I do 98% of my art in pixels, it is rather easy to tell when an image has been resized, as … Continue reading Rastor vs Vector: PIXELS!

Letterform Progress

I actually missed the prompt a little the first go round, and made an entire sheet with existing and created fonts. I at first thought that I was to use thumbnails in the way I was familiar with. I tend to think really quickly, and often times my words and drawings can’t keep up; by … Continue reading Letterform Progress

Progress on tree

Can I just say,,, I really don’t like trees. That being said, I’m glad I was “forced” into doing this project because so far, I’ve learned so much on value, colour, and lighting – just from trying to draw leaves (lol) I’m planning to incorporate both digital and traditional aspects into this work, and I … Continue reading Progress on tree

Progress in Still-Life

Hello all!   After like a million and one years I’m finally no longer locked out of my wordpress.org blog (long story -_-“), so now lemme tell you about my still life!! I remember starting, and being really horrified over the fact that we had to use vine charcoal… it’s the one charcoal I absolutely … Continue reading Progress in Still-Life