Old School Photography with Calvin

For this class, we ventured into another art medium, Photography. I am familiar with photography as medium, but I am far from a professional. I practice photography in my spare time and I have taken a photography class this semester to better my knowledge and skill set in such a beautiful craft. When I was...

Digital Artist Talk run through: Tuesday 31 November

Tuesday 31 November, 2017 For Today’s class I would say that I was a little distracted and unprepared, but I went on anyway. For one, it’s Halloween and I have fun plans and I could not  wait to get my day over with to start those plans! But anyway, Today everyone in class gave a...

5 Topics- Thinking aloud

Portrait Painting/ Painters/ Photographers Such Jordan Casteel, Kehinde Wiley, Omar Victor Diop, Basquiat, Kerry James Marshell Im curious as to what conversation each artist having with their particular topics and how they all come together and relate to one another. 2. Fashion Photography- street style- globally impacts photography I want to know how a photography...

Atlanta Contemporary: In Conversation with Veronica Kessenich

I have been meaning to blog about My Modern Art History Course, that is taught by Veronica Kessenich the Executive Director of the Atlanta Contemporary because she’s FREAKIN amazing and unlike any history professor I have ever had. She doesn’t lecture in the same way that I have been taught history the last two semesters, […]

Hathaway Gallery- ClimateTragedy into Beauty

In conversation with Laura Hathaway at Hathaway Gallery Thursday 887 Howell Mill Road NW Suite 4 Atlanta, GA 30318 I am not going to lie, I was not feeling my very best while on this field trip. A combination of stress and dehydration really took me out the of the intense journalism game. I did […]