Fresh Memory

During my childhood, when I visited grandparents, I remember that the dinner table in their house was quite different. There was a heavy glass on the top of the table covering the table. Underneath the glass and above the table, there were numerous documents, such as my certificates from elementary school, the family photograph from the…
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Academic Colloquia Monthly Exchange [ACME]

Talking about my work to my colleagues. I’m inserting the pdf/presentation into this space until we edit the video with the sound. Update to come within the month (by October 31)  

0927 Sanding

This feature image was taken in GT campus today when an extremely odd tree is being cut due to maybe construction reasons. I went closer and want to see the rings of this tree. When I came closer, I saw a previous picture of this tree and a little candle next to it. It makes…
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0906 Table Design

For class on 09/06, our objectives were discussing the room design, table design, tools and materials we need to use, cutting list and cost of the table.  Firstly, we calculated the size and amount of the wood we need to build a table. By combining 6 small pieces together, we would end up having a…
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WFTGTD – Olafur Eliasson

In the video of “Reality projector”, Olafur Eliasson talked about that art is not only about the objects, but more about self-reflection when the audience look at the objects. Thus, art here becomes an interactive experience which is not limited to the context, material, and dimension of the specific artwork, but more tangible to the…
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