Atlanta Contemporary: In Conversation with Veronica Kessenich

I have been meaning to blog about My Modern Art History Course, that is taught by Veronica Kessenich the Executive Director of the Atlanta Contemporary because she’s FREAKIN amazing and unlike any history professor I have ever had. She doesn’t lecture in the same way that I have been taught history the last two semesters, […]

Weatherwise/Otherwise: Artists Respond to Climate Change

Preface: As I write this I haven’t really seen/experienced the show, I have only been able take pictures and have the show interpreted for me by others. After experiencing the show myself, I will come back to this and edit anything that may change. When it comes to weather I tend to not like talking/thinking […]

Hathaway Gallery- ClimateTragedy into Beauty

In conversation with Laura Hathaway at Hathaway Gallery Thursday 887 Howell Mill Road NW Suite 4 Atlanta, GA 30318 I am not going to lie, I was not feeling my very best while on this field trip. A combination of stress and dehydration really took me out the of the intense journalism game. I did […]

process log week three

This week our class visited the Atlanta Contemporary to discuss the different roles in contemporary art with Kojo Griffin, a resident artist, Veronica Kessenich, the Executive Director and Daniel Fuller, the Curator. While talking with Kojo we learned more about how a working artist looks at curating and showing art. With Veronica and Daniel we […]

process log week two

This week our class visited the Whitespace Gallery to discuss curating art in a less mainstream location with the gallery’s director and owner, Susan Bridges. While talking with Susan Bridges we learned more about the ways into art exhibition and how curating looks from a gallery’s perspective as well as discussing how different roles work within […]