Typography Redo

If  I had to recreate the letters that I made the letter that I would have created would have been way more adventurous. I would have stayed away from the obvious “AB” combination and I would have created something completely new that was weird/hard to look at, but from my understanding of the assignment I
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Happiness By Design: Stefan Sagmeister TED talk

I remember Stefan talking in the Documentary “Helvetica” that we watched a few weeks ago. He seemed very straight forward and had little tolerance for games. This TED talk has changed my perception completely. His questioning of if he’s actually or what makes him happy as he designs is something that I never thought about
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Intricate Beauty by Design: Marian Bantjes TED Talk

I really liked her work. I think that it is very interesting how detailed she is with everything. Her work reminds me of DIY hand crafted cards. I think that’s its interesting how she decided to stop working in the same patterns of digital design and started doing things that interested her. I think that’s
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Process Log 5:

Process Log 4

Testing for the 100th time