Process Log 8: Final cut pro lesson

Today in class we were given a lesson by Calvin Burgamy and Maria Korol on how to use video editing software final cut pro. I have used final cut pro in the past but it was nice to receive a refresher on the basics.   Things I learned from Calvin:   How to start a new […]

Process Log: Final Cut Pro w/Calvin and Collaboration w/Maria

Today in class, I learned how to use final cut pro. I am really familiar with imovie and, but I never used final cut pro before. Prior to this class, I was assigned to document photo for the word that I got from class on Monday. The words that I chose were “Stark” and Irritating”.
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Something New: Word Press Edition

When I was first assigned the task to learn something new about word press, I thought that I had learned all that I can from working at the D-center and working on my portfolio constantly. Per usual I was wrong, I learned something new by helping someone else. I was working with my fellow, Madame
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Process Log 7: Embedding Twitter into my digital portfolio

When I first created my digital portfolio, I figured out how to embed my Instagram into one of my pages (under photography). For this assignment, I wanted to do something similar; I wanted to embed Twitter into my digital portfolio, but I didn’t want it to be on just one page. I wanted it to […]

Process Log 6

“The ego should not exist in graphic design” – Maria Bantjes This really resonated with me because it reminded of the feeling I got watching the documentary “Helvetica”. I felt like the world of typography design was stiff and I wondered how much satisfaction could come from working in a field where creativity is limited […]