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0906 Table Design

For class on 09/06, our objectives were discussing the room design, table design, tools and materials we need to use, cutting list and cost of the table.  Firstly, we calculated the size and amount of the wood we need to build a table. By combining 6 small pieces together, we would end up having a…
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Text to accompany Film Stark Irritation

Everything that you are about  read about  fictional except the interview of  the artist (obviously) *insert cheesy daily show news archor music* Studio announcer: You are now in the studio with Robert Stienbergmigfergason on Late night Stienbergmigfergason *Audience cheering/clapping* *Music dies down along with audience clapping* Robert:*insert British accent here* Hello everyone, I am your host
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Final Post

Part 1: 
You are creating wall text to accompany your audio/visual project in a museum exhibition. Write about the work in first person, in well-written prose that might be publicly displayed, capturing the final project. Include the title of the video in your headline, what you did, the words you worked from, how your final […]