Day 10 (6.15.16)

Today we learned about Marian Bantjes, got our strange worlds critiqued, and started to play around with adobe illustrator. I watched Stefan Sagmeister’s Ted talk about happiness by design where he discussed how certain design objects can bring about happiness in people. Sagmeister looked at the moments of happiness that he had in his life and analyzed which ones had to do with design. Over half of his “moments that take your breath away” had to do with design. I…

My Strange Worlds

This is my second world. I played around with different filters and took some images of the different filters here. I think that black and white helped to really create an illusion of the columns behind the man being present outside of a window. I still have to make corrections on this piece but I think that it turned out to be very creative.

Day 9 (6.15.16)

Today we continued working on our “Strange Worlds” I found some inspiration in collages by Eugenia Loli. She made her collages by scanning images from vintage magazines and science textbooks. I love how bright and aware her images are. They are clean and very well put together to make extraordinary illusions. I hope that I can make my images look more like illusions on my third trial.