Serial: Episode 5 Response

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris Serial: Episode 5 Response October 11th, 2016   Episode 5, entitled “Meanwhile, in Tampa” was essentially an investigation of the process of retrieving a missing soldier. Honestly, there was so much run around about who to go to and how to even begin to find a hostage that by the end of […]

Serial Season 2 Episode 5 – Meanwhile, In Tampa

  The FBI, CIA, and DoD (Department of Defense) were working together on the Bergdahl case. All three are agencies operating in Pakistan, and the CIA had the most authority in Pakistan specifically. But they all had other priorities in Pakistan at the time. But even then Kim, A friend of Bergdahl’s, tried to issue […]

The Captors

From this episode of the Serial, I learned that the Taliban is very religious, radical and tactical. All of these things operate together to allow them to be the force that they are in the middle east. I also learned that the Taliban has different sectors. Those responsible for holding David Rohe and Bowe Bergdahl […]

Serial Season 2 Episode 4 – The Captora

  The Taliban is a radical movement consisting of fundamentalist militants primarily in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This episode talks a lot about David Rohde, a journalist who, with his colleagues, was kidnapped by the Taliban and kept prisoner around the same time as Bergdahl. But unlike Bergdahl, Rohde and his colleagues were treated well, and they only […]

Serial: Episode #4 Response

Aliyah Bryan Prof. Morris Serial Blog Response #4 September 29th, 2016   For the last few episodes, Sarah Koenig has tried to gather to details from several different sources in order to understand what Bergdahl’s time in captivity was like and why he decided to flee in the first place. In this episode, she airs an interview […]