Serial Season 2 Episode 6 – 5 O’Clock Shadow

As a podcast, Serial relies primarily on interviews of people directly involved in the case for sources. During this episode, these accounts were used to describe Bergdahl, the events leading to the DUSTWUN, different government and military response, and even the Taliban’s side of the story. Koenig doesn’t actually interview Bergdahl himself, instead she presents […]

5 O’Clock Shadow: Serial 2 Episode 6

The primary sources are the one on one interviews conducted by Sarah Koenig. These primary sources include interviews with Bergdahl’s platoon members and members that were closer to him, combat advisers, phone interviews with members of the Taliban and Bergdahl himself. Other sources include sources taken from military, wikileaks, newspaper sources like The Guardian, and … Continue reading 5 O’Clock Shadow: Serial 2 Episode 6

5’O clock shadow

So far in serial we have been exposed to a variety of sources such as interviews, emails, maps, videos and photos. In the supplemental information we have seen photos of Bowe during captivity, videos of him and his father, maps which all serve as primary sources. The various interviews which we have heard are both […]

Meanwhile in Tampa: Serial 2 Episode 5

After some time, the case of Bergdahl’s manhunt transmuted from an active “boots on the ground” search to an intel based search since the deployment of military troops on the manhunt turned out to be unfruitful. From my understanding, CENTCOM and the FBI were the main actors in of gathering intel for the search for … Continue reading Meanwhile in Tampa: Serial 2 Episode 5

Meanwhile in Tampa

This episode discusses what it was like in the US while Bowe was missing, what it was like for his family and for the state. For Bowe’s family, it seemed like nobody was doing enough to bring Bowe back. US Central Command was initially in charge of Bowe’s recovery. It was controversial to even attend […]