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Hindsight part 1 and 2

These two podcasts outlined things about Bergdahl that were discovered in hindsight that might have been useful to know before he was even enlisted into the military. Sarah begins by giving us more background on Bowe’s personality. We hear from family friends, Kim and her daughter, that Bowe had a moral code that he held […]


Serial Season 2 Episode 7 & 8 – Hindsight

The first huge sign that Bergdahl wasn’t fit for army service was when he had trouble adapting when in the Coast Guard. The high pressure of the Coast Guard boot camp and Bergdahl’s nosebleed episode should have been It was determined that “he needs clearance by a psychiatrist prior to enlisting”. Bergdahl’s mental health during […]


Serial Response 7 & 8

Aliyah Bryan Prof. Morris Serial Blog Response 7 & 8 October 27th, 2016   Episodes 7 and 8 take a deeper look into who Bo Bergdahl actually was a person and whether or not he was mentally fit to be in the military in the first place. There are many aspects about Bergdahl that make him seem like the […]


Serial Episode #6 Response

Aliyah Bryan Professor Morris October 20th, 2016 Serial Response #5   Serial is a podcast that is split up by weekly episodes. It documents and investigates the story of Bo Bergdahl’s captivity with the Taliban. In every episode, Sarah Koenig, the executive producer, digs deeper into the case. Why did he do it? What was the retrieval process? What […]