Serial Blog 11

Look back at your response to Episode 1 Dustwun. In what ways have you changed in your view of the case against Bergdahl? Be specific and explain the evolution of your position. When I first stated listening to Episode 1, I was confused why he had walked away from base, and why the Taliban had to capture him. I realized

Blog Post 10

In what ways do the complexities of national and international politics influence you to be sympathetic (or not) to Bergdahl’s case? Listening to all of these podcasts, makes me feel sympathetic to Bergdhal’s case. Its very sad how he was being treated and how the Taliban kept him in captivity for five years. Congress was very distressed over the Department

Serial Blog 9

In this episode they finally talk about Bowe Berghdahl returning to his home which is America. May 31, 2014 Berghdal was being traded for five Taliban leaders, the leaders were retained in Guantánamo. Bow Berghdal recovery was difficult because the was not that easy for the United States military to get to Pakistan to look in each house like they

Blog Post 7&8

From what you learned from these two episodes, was Bergdahl fit for service in the US Army? Why or why not? In my opinion, Bergdahl was not fit for the service in the US Army. I do not think he understood what kind of role he had and how much responsibility he had to keep for the nation. Since his

Serial Blog 6

Describe in detail the kinds of sources that have been used in Serial by the correspondents. The sources that have been used in Serial by the correspondents were primarily interviews from the people who was apart of the same event as Bowe Bergdhal. Some examples are his friends who wanted to get him home safely and the soldiers. Which are