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Episode 11

Present for Duty Look back at your response to Episode 1 Dustwun.  In what ways have you changed in your view of the case against Bergdahl? Be specific and explain the evolution of your position. Watch Bergdahl’s proof of life video in the Listening Guide.  Does this video change your opinion of Bergdahl’s Case? Why …

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Episode 10

Thorny Politics In what ways do the complexities of national and international politics influence you to be sympathetic (or not) to Bergdahl’s case?  Choose one political game highlighted in this episode and discuss it in order to illustrate your response. The longer the episode played, the more apparent the national debate regarding the plan of …

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Episode 9

Trade Secrets How does the notion of sovereignty function to make Bergdahl’s recovery especially difficult? Be as specific as possible in your response. There were behind the door negotiations to compel the Taliban to release Bergdahl, but many officials including the diplomat Richard Holbrooke and others disagreed on the approaches needed to free him from …

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Episode 6

 5 O’Clock Shadow Describe in detail the kinds of sources that have been used in Serial by the correspondents.  Which are primary sources?  Which are secondary sources?  What about the approach of the reporters to the story make the various aspects more compelling? What have you learned about research from Serial? A substantial portion of …

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