Quotes from “Sidewalks” pages 107-132

“…It’s [New York City’s] architecture and spatial organization have been dominated historically by an “essentially horizontal perception of the urban form” that endured well into the nineteenth century” (Lindner 109). “…the rise of vertical New York in the late nineteenth century occurred in the context of an urban environment originally intended for horizontality” (Lindner 109). … Continue reading Quotes from “Sidewalks” pages 107-132

Reactions to “The Mindful Traveler”

I had never really considered the impacts that my traveling has on other people, but this article was a sort of rude awakening. As a prospective Anthropology/Sociology major, I had heard some similar conclusions about travel, in general, but never to this extent. Though there are several thoughts that I don’t fully agree with, once … Continue reading Reactions to “The Mindful Traveler”

“The Mindful Traveller” Response: Why am I so selfish?

I really enjoyed this reading. I found it very insightful and renowned. In hindsight I didn’t know the author was talking through the lens of white privilege. Now that I see the reading for what it is. I think that its great that a white person can see outside their privilege. I think that the […]

Quotes from “The Mutable City”

“New York changes so constantly – so relentlessly – that even insiders frequently find themselves in outsider positions…” (Lindner 4). “… New York has always been framed by outsider views…” (Lindner 4). There are many views of New York City: people have called it chaotic, beautiful, utopian, etc. A definition of modern: “the city produced … Continue reading Quotes from “The Mutable City”


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