Field Trip: The Hathaway Gallery// Field Notes & Reflection

    Art galleries have always been a source of intimidation for me. Of all the spaces where art is shown, whether that be in public, in a museum or in someone’s own home or studio, galleries come with a certain set of vocabulary, motions to go through and a certain level of decorum… Or…

Class Notes- 11/17/2017 Darkroom

In today’s class, went downstairs to the dark room to learn about photography. It was interesting to go and explore a medium that I have not experienced before. First we talked about developing film. You develop film in a small room that is absolutely dark and you have to roll the film onto these metal … Continue reading Class Notes- 11/17/2017 Darkroom

Class Notes- 11/9/2017 Donna Sadler

Donna Sadler came to our class to talk about her current scholarship. The presentation that she gave was to be part of a symposium at Emory. The one thing that interested me in the presentation was that she gave the reason why she chose to study it. She read a book and learned about quantum … Continue reading Class Notes- 11/9/2017 Donna Sadler

Field Trip– Art Papers

In today’s class, we visited Art Papers. Art Papers is an art publication that was started in 1972 by artists in response to the lack of places to show art and they wanted to create an arts community. Now, it is no longer run by artists but it is kept alive by an editorial staff. … Continue reading Field Trip– Art Papers