Living Situations 2 and 3

It’s time for another quick update! This time I wanted to tell everyone about the second two places I stayed. My roommate and I had to move out of our first apartment a couple of days before we could move into our current one, and we spent them in the apartment of someone connected to BSM […]

Welcome to my travel blog!

First post! Very exciting. Since this is my first post to this blog and I’ve already been here for over a month, it will be longer than I intend my regular entries to be. From now on updating whenever I have interesting news, and at least once a week. An album of all of my […]

Weekly Reflection 7/22/16

The last full week of the program is done! I presented this week on peer review and publication as the last one to host a Wednesday ethics seminar. My slides, which can be seen here, give an overview of how peer review works as well as positive and negative aspects of peer review. On slide 7 there is a link to […]

Weekly Reflection 7/15/16

Only a week and a half left! Kayleigh and I have a draft of our final STEM scholars presentation up and running, but after presenting it to Dr. Bayless I think we will make some edits. First of all, we’ll more images to our slides. Our goal for this presentation is to create a basic intuition […]

Weekly Reflection 7/08/16

I was able this week to start putting my new programming knowledge to work! Dr. Bayless and I met with Matt Ruby, the Senior Network Analyst at Agnes Scott College, on Friday to discuss how I might approach the program. I gave him an overview of the function and how I would like the user interface to look. […]