Don’t Let Tragedy Define You : The Book of Ruth

Ruth opens with Elimelech, Naomi (his wife), and Mahlon and Kilion (their children) moving to Moab from Bethlehem (which was in Judah) to escape the famine. To make a long story short, Elimelech died. Then, about ten years later, after […]

The Book of Judges

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February: Reading the Bible in a Year

Peace. This is one of the themes of this month. You know how people always say get right with God first so that everything else in your life will start working out? Well, they aren’t lying. Despite the fact that […]

January: Reading the Bible in a Year

Getting to Know God… Better One of the best ways to get to know God is through His word.  You can get your answers in the Word.  You can’t always trust what other people say about God’s Word; you gotta […]