LDR Summary

During the first half of the semester, I would say that I love LDR 101 very much and learned a lot from this lesson. When I first knew that LDR 101- What to do about disagreement was a lesson about philosophy, I was quite afraid that I could not accomplish the lesson and even would ... [Read more...]

Summary of LDR

Most of the time I feel inferior in that class, like I literally never know what I’m doing, especially compared to the other people in my class. Everyone seems to instantly understand, and I constantly doubt myself on whether if I truly know the definitions to things or the way…

My Leadership 101 Class

“The Search for Other Worlds” is a Leadership 101 class that discusses how, when, and where we might look in the universe to potentially find life on other planets. In order to do this, there are three subtopics we will… Continue Reading